Westin Hotel and Spa Las Vegas at Dusk

A recent property shoot for The Westin Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas

So, as I started this new blog Sharon reminded me that it was time to knock off talking about comic book artists and illustrators and talk more about our photo studio again! So without further ado:

For over 30 years our studio, Sampsel & Preston Photography has had the privilege of being one of the premier commercial photography studios in Las Vegas. At the heart of what we do, Hotel and Resort photography is the mainstay of our work, making up for over 80% of how we spend our days. Over the years, we have done photo shoots for virtually every hotel on the strip, downtown, and even have travelled to other states to share our expertise in the Hotel and Resort world. We love working together with our clients on every aspect from concept to design, culminating in the shoot that brings to life the beautiful Hotel and highlights it's strengths. Recently, we had the pleasure of being able to work with Sandra Horvath, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Westin Las Vegas, as she managed the complete remodel of this "just off the strip" property. Over a period of over a year, our studio worked with her to produce a series of photographs that let the world see what this amazing boutique hotel has to offer. Not one slot machine graces this hotel, and it's refreshing "Be Well" theme is seen in every detail on the property. Our crew was honored to photograph everything from the refreshed exterior, to the wide variety of guest suites, restaurant, Starbucks, food shots, pool, gym, and the spa. Have a look at some of the new shots of this newly renovated property.

Westin Hotel And Spa, Las Vegas

The Westin Las Vegas, ground level exterior

The Hotel has recently gone through a complete renovation and looks Amazing!

Newly Remodeled Lobby at The Westin Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas

The new Lobby at The Westin Las Vegas

Even their lobby is soothing and serene. The feather in the cap for this hotel is how close it is to the airport and Strip. Waiting for your flight? Sitting in one of the many peaceful areas of this hotel beats the crazy vibe of the airport anytime.....

"Jake and Eli's" Bar at the Westin Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas

Relaxation area in the Fabulous Bar...

Jake and Eli's Bar at the Westin Hotel and Spa In Las Vegas

Jake and Eli's Bar area, The New on Property Restaurant and Bar

"Bama Wings at the all new Jake and Eli's Restaurant, Westin Hotel and Spa, Las Vegas

'Bama Wings at Jake and Eli's

One of the best things about shooting food is that Chefs are always so willing, and eager to share. We love that! and did we ever love these unique wings. You won't find flavors like this in the casinos!

Citrus and Fennel Salad at "Jake and Eli"

Citrus and Fennel Salad

Chef Joseph Thompson, who's resume is legendary in this industry, is the brainchild behind this beautiful bar and restaurant. His food is amazing, from the gorgeous buffet in the morning hours for business crowd, to those noteworthy dinners in the beautiful restaurants. Check out this gorgeous salad. Top notch ingredients, sourced from the finest producers, make every dish memorable.

House Made Beef Jerky and Bourbon, at "Jake and Eli" at The Westin Hotel And Spa, Las Vegas

In house made Beef Jerky and Bourbon!

Oh! The bourbon. Talking about taking the edge off your day. We loved the passion that went into even the ice cubes!

Newly Remodeled Starbucks at The Westin Hotel and Spa Las Vegas

Newly designed Starbucks at The Westin Las Vegas

The thing about being a resort photographer is that you are always on location at 3 or 4 in the morning. No crowds for your architectural shots, and less chance of that singular person tripping over your photo gear. When Westin decided to enlarge and enhance the existing Starbucks, they went out of their way to do it right. And thank you Starbucks, for adding to our energy for this entire shoot!

The Hibiscus Spa and Salon at The Westin Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas

The Newly Designed Hibiscus Spa and Salon at the Westin Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas

Going into this Spa on the second floor, close to the Gym and the Pool entrance, you would never believe what is beyond that check in area. The place smells like heaven (wait! the whole place does!). It is so calming and beautiful inside, and their staff are the friendliest people ever.

The Hibiscus Spa and Salon at The Westin Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas

Newly Designed Retail Area, Hibiscus Spa at the Westin Las Vegas

The New Salon at The Westin Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas

Newly Designed Salon, Westin Hotel and Spa, Las Vegas

Hip and wonderful space to get ready for your night, or your week ahead.

One of the Executive Suites at The Westin Hotel and Spa Las Vegas

One of The newly renovated Executive Suite Bedrooms at the Westin Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas

The guest room options are many. There are so many fabulous views from this hotel that it made it a pleasure for us. So many times an Advertising photographer goes into a space, and we are greeted with ugly walls or parking lots outside the windows. The Westin had chosen the rooms for us with great views and made shooting them just fabulous!

The Newly Designed Presidential Suite Living Room at The Westin Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas

The Presidential Suite, newly designed living room

Want to stay a week with your family, or have a mini retreat with your staff? This hotel has options even like this! Amazing!

Presidential Suite Bathroom at The Westin Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas

The Westin Hotel and Spa, Newly designed bathroom suite

We loved the serenity of this bathroom. Perfect retreat.

The Newly Renovated Pool at the Westin Hotel and Spa

The Westin Hotel and Spa, Recently Renovated Pool Area

We shot the pool from 4am -sunrise, and did 4 or 5 angles. Gorgeous morning, and pool shots always remind us how lucky we are to be photographers for a living. Well, maybe there is a little grumbling at 2:15 am when our alarm is going off, but there is always breakfast waiting on the far end at the end of the shoot!

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