Rat Fink Reunion 1.jpg

A post from Ilene Roth, Honored to have my portrait of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth displayed at the Ed Roth Museum!

Posting this from Facebook, about the upcoming Rat Fink Virtual Reunion. Completely honored to have the portrait that we made of Ed in his shop so prominently displayed. "

This reunion in June will be remembered for being unique. The walls of the museum will miss the reunion as usual. My entire family, Rusty, Sharanadee, Tammy, Cody, Amber, Wyatt , Lindsay and all the grandkids that help organize the reunion will miss our "FAMILY REUNION" with all the artists in Manti, celebrating the life of my husband Ed Roth. Ed loved my kids so much! They also loved him....so much as to call him "Dad". So many artists also love and respect their relationship with Ed and so he is still their "BIG DADDY". I want to thank all the artists that have shared long calls with me, helping me make decisions to create this virtual reunion. I call upon the FAMILY each year to help with our Rat Fink Reunion. It has been so special to feel the love from all that have reached out to us to help with our celebration of Ed and the artists. I love to hear the stories from artists that have been encouraged by Ed's association, in years gone by, or experiencing the love at the reunion. I want to thank Brian Champagne for his article in ksl.com. Brian has created several articles throughout the years and we really appreciate him. SO as we move on to making this a wonderful virtual reunion,,, I want to again THANK my entire family for helping me organize and prepare for our Rat Fink Reunion! I couldn't do it without their help!-Ilene Roth