Cartoonist Shannon Wheeler Photographed in his Portland studio

August 13th, Happy Birthday to Cartoonist Shannon Wheeler!!!

Hey Good Morning! Happy Thursday! It's August 13th, and word on the street is that today is Cartoonist Shannon Wheeler's Birthday! Of course Shannon is "best known as a cartoonist for The New Yorker and for creating the satirical superhero Too Much Coffee Man." He started cartooning while at UC Berkeley, publishing his daily gag cartoons Calaboose and then Tooth and Justice in The Daily Californian.

"Around 1990, he moved to Austin, where he continued Tooth and Justice for the University of Texas student paper The Daily Texan. Ending that strip, he published other daily cartoons with the paper, with titles like Life and Times and Interlude."

"In 1991, Wheeler created the satirical superhero Too Much Coffee Man to star in a mini-comic promoting Children with Glue, a collection of his daily strips. The popularity of Too Much Coffee Man led to the character starring in a weekly comic strip in 1991. "Too Much Coffee Man" went on to appear in a series of self-published zines, comic books, magazines, and webcomics for a number of years. After Wheeler moved to Portland, Oregon, in 1998, Dark Horse Comics (based nearby) began publishing TMCM collections. In 2006 Wheeler and Daniel Steven Crafts co-produced the Too Much Coffee Man Opera (in one act), followed by Too Much Coffee Man Opera, The Refill (in two acts) in 2008. Dark Horse released the ultimate TMCM collection in 2011, the Too Much Coffee Man Omnibus; while BOOM! Studios released Too Much Coffee Man: Cutie Island and Other Stories in 2012."

From 2004 until 2008, Wheeler contributed to many of the Idiot's Guide books."

"His weekly strip Postage Stamp Funnies appeared in the satirical newspaper The Onion until 2009, when he began contributing to The New Yorker magazine. In 2010, Boom! Studios published a collection of Wheeler's cartoons that had been rejected by The New Yorker called I Thought You Would Be Funnier, the book went on to win Best Humor publication that year."

More recently recently Wheeler illustrated Trump's tweets in a book called "Sh*t My President Says", and with Author Steve Duin, drew The Mueller Report Graphic Novel, which they talk about here:

Make sure to watch, it is fascinating!

I had the chance to make this portrait of Shannon in his Portland studio, in the middle of the night, a number of years ago for the "The Artist Within: Book 2, here's the shot:

You can see more of of the artists portraits from the project here:

Happy Birthday Shannon!

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Shannon Wheeler

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August 13th, Happy Birthday to Cartoonist Shannon Wheeler!!! par