Cartoonist Keith Knight photographed for "The Artist Within: Book 2"

August 24th, Happy Birthday to Cartoonist Keith Knight, yep!

Monday again! Yay! Getting through this one day at a time. August 24th, sending Happy Birthday Wishes to Cartoonist Keith Knight, that's today! So, you should know that "Keith Knight is many things to many people–rapper, social activist, father and educator among them. He’s also one of the funniest and most highly regarded cartoonists in America, and the creator of three

popular comic strips: the Knight Life, (th)ink, and the K Chronicles."

"For nearly two decades, this multi-award-winning artist has brought the funny back to the funny pages with a uniquely personal style that’s a cross between Calvin & Hobbes, MAD, and underground comix."

"Keith Knight is part of a generation of African-American artists who were raised on hip-hop, and infuse their work with urgency, edge, humor, satire, politics and race. His art has appeared in various publications worldwide, including the Washington Post, Daily KOS, San Francisco Chronicle,, Ebony, ESPN the Magazine, L.A. Weekly, MAD Magazine, and the Funny Times

His comic musings on race have garnered accolades and stirred controversies, prompting the NAACP to recognize him as a 2015 History Maker, and CNN to tap him to grade America on its progress concerning issues of race."-keith's Kchronicles website

Keith, one of the nicest, funniest guys I've met working on this project, was also one of the first cartoonists I made a portrait of for my "The Artist Within: book 2, this was back when Keith was living and working in Southern California, and could be regularly found drawing his comic strips at "Conservatory Coffee" in Culver City. Here's that shot. You can check out more of his cartoons here:

and you can see more of my artists portraits here:

art © Keith Knight

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August 24th, Happy Birthday to Cartoonist Keith Knight, yep!-part 2