In studio portrait on Cartoonist/ Comic Book Artist Kim Deitch. Photographed by Greg Preston

Friday, May 21st, sending Happy Birthday wishes to Comic Book Artist/ Cartoonist Kim Deitch

Made it to another Friday! So good! May 21st, Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Cartoonist Kim Deitch today! You may know that Kim Deitch is "generally held to be one of the greatest influences in American underground comix." -lambiek

What are these underground comix of which I speak, you ask? "Underground comix are small press or self-published comic books that are often socially relevant or satirical in nature. They differ from mainstream comics in depicting content forbidden to mainstream publications by the Comics Code Authority, including explicit drug use, sexuality, and violence. They were most popular in the United States in the late 1960s and 1970s"-wikipedia

(There you go, your lesson about comix for today).

Okay, "Kim got his start doing comic strips for the East Village Other in 1967," "As sixties comics were popular and under-exploited from an artistic point of view, they were the perfect medium for Kim, the son of illustrator/animator Gene Deitch"." In 1969 he succeeded Vaughn Bodé as editor of Gothic Blimp Works, the Other’s underground comics tabloid.

His Boulevard of Broken Dreams was named one of Time’s “100 Best Graphic Novels Ever Written” and he has been awarded an Eisner and an Inkpot Award. Deitch remains a true cartoonists’ cartoonist, adored by his peers as much as anyone in the history of the medium."-fantagraphics

"When the searing insight of Deitch's writing is added to the delightful two-dimensional quality of the art, amazingly successful in depicting the relationship between artistic enterprise and madness, what one experiences is a rare combination of great truth and great beauty." — The Comics Journal

I was honored to be able to include this portrait of Kim Deitch, photographed in his Manhattan studio in my book "The Artist Within: Book 2.

art © Kim Deitch

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  • Illustration by Kim Deitch
  • Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Illustration by Kim Deitch
  • Waldo by Kim Deitch

Friday, May 21st, sending Happy Birthday wishes to Comic Book Artist/ Cartoonist Kim Deitch-part 2