Artists Harry Carmean and Miriam Slater photographed for "The Artist Within: Book 2"

Happy Birthday to Amazing Artist and Teacher Harry Carmean, 98 today! August 5th!

Hey, Good Morning! Hope everyone is good out in Facebook land! Just wanted to send out a Happy Birthday Wish to Artist Harry Carmean, it's his 98th today! If you happened to be an Art major at The Art Center College of Design sometime in the past 50 years you will know Harry's work! "Harry Carmean has spent a lifetime studying art history the human figure and is considered one of the foremost interpreters of the human form today. He is recognized for his life drawings as much as he is for his sensual, tightly composed paintings. Carmean’s art can be seen on Black Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell album, plus in the 1990’s he was commissioned to paint a portrait of HRH Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the late king of Arabia."

"Carmean taught figure drawing and painting at Art Center College of Design for 34 years and has influenced several generations of artists. Upon retiring in the 1990’s he moved to Santa Barbara. He still draws and paints daily and divides his time between Santa Barbara and his Los Angeles studio".

With the help of my friend Artist Craig Elliott, I was able to set up and make a portrait of Harry ( with his wife, Artist Miriam Slater) in their Santa Barbara studio for "The Artist Within: Book 2" Have a look around!

You can see more Artist Portraits from the Artist Within project on our website here:……/the-artist-within-book-2-sampsel…

art © Harry Carmean

  • Fine Artist/ Painter Harry Carmean photographed in his studio for The Artist Within portrait project
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Happy Birthday to Amazing Artist and teacher Harry Carmean, 98 today! part 2