Happy Birthday to Amazing Comic Book Artist/ Illustrator Amanda Connor, That's today too!

Happy Easter and Happy Day Everyone, hope you are all staying safe out there!

Just a quick Happy Birthday to callout to Amazing Comic Book Artist / Illustrator Amanda Conner, that's also today! You may know that Amanda "started her professional art career as an illustrator in New York City for several major ad agencies, however, her love of comic books and cartooning soon led her to that world, where she began her career in earnest in the late 1980s for "Archie" and "Marvel Comics". Since then she has worked on a number of high profile projects spanning a variety of genres including Vampirella, Painkiller Jane, as well as creator owned projects such as Gatecrasher and The Pro. Her work for DC Comics includes CODENAME KNOCKOUT, BIRDS OF PREY, TERRA, a well regarded run on POWER GIRL and BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE."

"Amanda, and artist/writer/husband Jimmy Palmiotti, currently work together via PaperFilms, a multimedia entertainment studio engaged in screenwriting, art production and development."

Her other published work includes illustrations for The New York Times and Revolver magazine, advertising work for products such as Arm & Hammer, Playskool, design work for ABC's Nightline, and commercials for A&E's Biography magazine." -wikipedia

This is a portrait we made of Amanda in her home studio for "The Artist Within" book 1.

Happy Birthday Amanda!

You can see more of Amanda's beautiful work here:

and, you can see more portraits from "The Artist Within" project here:…

art © Amanda Conner