Illustrator/Animator Bruce Timm photographed for "The Artist Within"

Happy Birthday to Animator/Illustrator Bruce Timm!!!

Hey, Good afternoon! So, my sources tell me that today Feb 5th is Bruce Timm's Birthday! Yep! Of course you know that Bruce is a character designer, animator, writer, producer, and actor! He co-created and produced the Emmy Award-winning "Batman: The Animated Series" and and went on to co-create and produce "Superman: The Animated Series"" along with "The New Batman Adventures", "Batman Beyond" and "Static Shock" and much more! This is the portrait I made of Bruce in his office at Hanna Barbera back in the day, for my first book "The Artist Within" (a book of over 100 portraits of artists in their studios)

Happy Birthday Bruce!

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art shown © Bruce Timm