My Portrait of illustrator, designer, author, and film director/producer J.J.Sedelmaier, taken for "The Artist Within: Book 2

Happy Birthday to Artist, Director J.J. Sedelmaier, That's Today

Happy Wednesday Guys! It's March 11, and I just wanted to take a moment to say Happy Birthday to illustrator, designer, author, and film director/producer J.J. Sedelmaier, that is today! I so appreciate this guy! J.J. was instrumental in helping me with my coffee table book project by introducing me to a whole bunch of his Amazing Artist friends, who are also in the book. As I'm sure you know, J.J. is "known for co-creating (with Robert Smigel) "Saturday TV Funhouse" that includes The Ambiguously Gay Duo and The X-Presidents on the TV series Saturday Night Live, the Tek Jansen series on The Colbert Report, the interstitial cartoons seen in the USA TV series, Psych, and over 500 other TV and advertising projects" - thanks wikipedia.

You can see more of J.J.s amazing work here:

and more portraits from the "Artist Within" portrait project here:

and if so inclined, you can order copies of both artist within books here: