A portrait of Artist Jim Silke for The Artist Within: Book 1

Happy Birthday to Artist Jim Silke, Yep that's also today, May 19

And one more Birthday and I'll knock it off! Happy Birthday to Artist Jim Silke! Yep that's today too, May 19th!

Over the years, Jim has had a legendary and storied career.

He has worked as an Executive Art Director at Capitol Records, as a magazine editor and publisher, (creator and editor of the magazines Cinema and Movies International), a novelist (the Death Dealer series), photographer, historian and screenwriter (Sahara, King Solomon's Mines, Revenge of the Ninja, etc.), then finally returning to his first love: writing and drawing comics. His debut was in 1993, with Dark Horse Comics release of 'Rascals in Paradise'. He is also the creator of the erotic 'Bettie Page' series, based on the famous pin-up model from the 1950s. His books include, Bettie Page: Queen of the Nile, Bettie Page: Queen of Hearts, Bettie Page Rules and Pin-Up: The Illegitimate Art. Jim has won many awards, including a Grammy for the cover of Judy at Carnegie Hall, an Emmy citation for AFI's James Cagney Life Achievement Award, and citations from, The Society of Illustrators, and the Los Angeles Art Directors' Club. -with help from Flesk publications

I was honored to be able to photograph and include this portrait of Jim Silke in my book project "The Artist Within". -

If you enjoy seeing portraits of artists in their work places have a look here: https://sampselprestonphotography.com/the-artist-within-books-1-and-2

and of course you can pick up both Artist Within Books here:


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Comic Book Artist/Illustrator Jim Silke