Portrait of Artist/ Pop Surrealist Lucas Chueh.

Happy Birthday to Artist Luke Chueh, That's today!

Sending out Happy Birthday Wishes to my friend, Artist Luke Chueh, born March 7, 1973. That's today! In case you don't know, Luke is a "Pop Surrealist, Painter" His works tend to be a juxtaposition of the cute with the macabre, including various self-portraits reimagining himself as a bear character."-borrowed from wikipedia

Luke was gracious enough to let me make a portrait of him in his Southern California studio, for "The Artist Within: Book 2"

Happy Birthday Lucas! Hope your day is Amazing!

You can see some of Lukes incredible paintings here: http://www.lukechueh.com/

and, I have more artists portraits on our website here:


art on this post ©Lucas Chueh