Happy Birthday to Cartoonist/ Illustrator John Pound, that's today, May 11!

  • Portrait of Cartoonist/Illustrator John Pound , photographed in his Northern California Studio
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Happy Birthday to Cartoonist/ Illustrator John Pound, that's today, May 11!

Happy Monday! Are you all okay out there? Hey, Just wanted to take minute to wish Cartoonist/Illustrator John Pound a Happy Birthday today, May 11! While the name may not be familiar, you will most certainly know his work!

"John Pound began by doing underground comix, art prints, comic book covers, and fantasy book covers. Soon after he decided to focus on humor art, Topps invited him to paint for Wacky Packages stickers, which led to his designing and painting hundreds of the popular "Garbage Pail Kids" stickers, enjoyed by kids around the world." Yeah, that guy!

"He painted covers for Howard the Duck, Mars Attacks®, and Rhino CDs. His commissioned artworks also include magazine illustrations for MAD, BLAB!, and Business Week, skateboard designs for Shortys, and street fashion t-shirts for Stussy."

"His art was featured in JUXTAPOZ magazine issue #1 and the street art anthology MORNING WOOD."

"His personal art projects include the RAN DUM series (randomly- generated comic pages, art prints, animations, and books, created entirely by writing computer code), and the WOO-WOO series (rough cartoon scenes of magic and loss, often featuring the Eyewiz character). His WOO-WOO series panorama paintings have appeared in BLAB and BLAB WORLD"

I managed to track John down a number of years ago, where he lives, up in the most beautiful part of Northern California. He continues work on his Code Art book.

Here is the portrait we made in John's Studio.

You can see more of his work on his website here:

And, you can see this portrait along with over 120 more amazing artists portraits in my coffee table book, "The Artist Within: Book 2" available from Sideshow Collectables here:

art © John Pound