Adrian Tomine photographed in his home studio for The Artist Within

Happy Birthday to Cartoonist/Illustrator Adrian Tomine, today May 31st!

Happy Monday!

May 31st, I am reminded that today is the Birthday of Cartoonist/Comic Book Artist Adrian Tomine! I am sure you know, Adrian "is a popular contemporary cartoonist, best known for his ongoing comic book series 'Optic Nerve' and his illustrations in The New Yorker magazine. Tomine began publishing his work when he was still a teenager; he was mainly self-published, but was also published in mainstream publications like Pulse! while still in high school.

Optic Nerve is Tomine's ongoing comic title that was originally self-published in minicomic form and distributed to local comics shops in his area. Tomine published seven issues of the Optic Nerve mini; most of the stories from there were later compiled into a single edition, titled 32 Stories: The Complete Optic Nerve Mini-Comics, published by Drawn and Quarterly."

"Tomine has also contributed his art to several music albums, including liner notes and album art for Eels' Electro-Shock Blues, "Last Stop: This Town", "Cancer for the Cure", and End Times, also Yo La Tengo's album artwork that consisted solely of covers called Yo La Tengo Is Murdering the Classics and Murder in the Second Degree The Softies' album "It's Love", and The Crabs's "What Were Flames Now Smolder".-wikipedia

I was honored to be able to include this portrait that we made of Adrian in his home studio in Brooklyn for the first "Artist Within" book of portraits.

There is a terrific interview with Adrian here:

You can check out Adrian's beautiful illustration work on his website here:

Happy Birthday Adrian!

art © Adrian Tomine

  • "Twin Lens Reflex" art by Adrian Tomine
  •  Illustration by Cartoonist Adrian Tomine "TV On The Radio"
  • "Day Two" Illustration By Adrian Tomine