Comic Book Legend Ramona Fradon photographed for "The Artist Within

Happy Birthday To Comic Book Art Legend Ramona Fradon, October 2nd!

Sending Happy Birthday Wishes to Comic Book Artist Ramona Fradon, October 2nd, That's Today!

"Ramona Fradon’s career in cartooning began with assignments at DC Comics in the early ’50’s after graduating from Parsons school of design. She began with illustrating scripts for the Shining Knight and provided art for many, diverse genres in the field, drawing westerns and mysteries before finding a regular spot illustrating on one of DC’s main characters, the undersea superhero, Aquaman. Her solid and stylish cartooning style was a popular mainstay on the character’s stories, developing and expanding the supporting cast and providing a consistant and appealing style for the ’60s run of classic stories.

Perhaps Ramona is best recognized for designing and drawing the element based character, Metamorpho during the early sixties, a unique and original concept among costumed characters and a major addition to the DC universe.

On one of the very first East Coast trips we made working on the "Artist Within", I had the pleasure of meeting Ramona and making this portrait of her in her drawing space, she explained that she liked to sit with a lap board and draw while watching TV.

Happy Birthday Ramona!

You can see and order original drawings from Ms. Fradon at the Catskill Comics website here:

Art © Ramona Fradon and DC Comics

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Happy Birthday To Comic Book Art Legend Ramona Fradon, October 2nd! (part 2)