Portrait Of Comic Book Artist/Creator Marc Silvestri in his studio at Top Cow Productions

Happy Birthday to Comic Book Artist/Illustrator Marc Silvestri, March 29th!

Hey, Happy Sunday, March 29th! I hope everyone is doing okay, staying healthy! Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Comic Book Artist/ Illustrator Marc Silvestri who's birthday is today! Of Course, Marc is one of the founding fathers of Image Comics. "He is well known for his work on iconic Marvel titles such as The X-Men, Wolverine and The Incredible Hulk. As CEO of Top Cow Productions, his mandate was to produce the next generation of heroes". "Marc masterminded the Top Cow Universe through properties like Cyber Force, Witchblade, and The Darkness."

This is one of the shots we made at "The Top Cow" studios in Santa Monica, very early on in the project for "The Artist Within". It was an exciting time and place to visit, so much energy, have a look around! I have to say, I cannot remember the names of all of the Artists in this shot, I would welcome the help with that? Feel free to list them in the comments if you know.

Happy Birthday Marc!

You can see more of Marc's beautiful work on his site here, have a look:


You can see more photos from the project on our website:


art © Marc Silvestri