Illustrator/Comic Book Artist Paul Chadwick, photographed by Greg Preston

Happy Birthday to Comic Book Artist/Illustrator Paul Chadwick, today, September 3rd!

Friday, September 3rd, moving right along! Just wanted to send Happy Birthday wishes to Comic Book Artist/Illustrator Paul Chadwick, that's today!

You probably know that "since starting his career as a cartoonist/Illustrator in 1984, Paul Chadwick has worked on a variety of publications throughout the comics industry, known most notably for his creation "Concrete", which premiered in the first issue of Dark Horse Presents in 1986. Since then Concrete has appeared in an ongoing series of self contained and continuing stories written and drawn by Chadwick, dealing with subjects as diverse as environmentalism and the film industry, all told against the backdrop of former speechwriter Ron Lithgow's struggles to adapt to life trapped within a massive rock-like body. The recipient of multiple Eisner and Harvey awards and nominations, Chadwick received the award for Best Writer/Artist from both the Eisner and Harvey Awards Committees in 1989." But you might not know Paul was asked by the Wachowskis to write The Matrix Online. Yep, he also has illustrated cards for The Magic the Gathering card game too, a brilliant Illustrator!

Paul holds a special place in my Artist Within Project, as he is a fellow Art Center Alumni.

I had the chance to visit Paul at his super secret Island lair and photograph him for " the first The Artist Within" book, here's that shot, have a look around.

You can get up to date and see more of Pauls work, on his website here

Happy Birthday Paul!!!

art © Paul Chadwick

photo © Greg Preston

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