Portrait of Editorial Cartoonist Patrick Oliphant for "The Artist Within: Book 2"

Happy Birthday to Editorial Cartoonist Patrick Oliphant, That's today, July 24th! Yep!

Hey, Happy Friday everyone, how are you all doing out there? Just wanted to take a quick minute and wish a very Happy Birthday to Editorial Cartoonist Patrick Oliphant, That's today, July 24th.

You may know that Patrick Oliphant is an "artist whose career spanned more than sixty years. His body of work as a whole focuses mostly on American and global politics, culture, and corruption; he is particularly known for his caricatures of American presidents and other powerful leaders. Over the course of his long career, Oliphant produced thousands of daily editorial cartoons, dozens of bronze sculptures, as well as a large oeuvre of works on paper and paintings"-wikipedia.

"Patrick was Born in Adelaide, Australia, in 1935, his first gig was for Rupert Murdock's newspaper, "The News", in 1953, for the then-equivalent of $6 a week. He stayed there 3 months as a copyboy, before moving across town to the opposition paper, "The Advertiser" , where he found employment again as a copyboy, for $4 a week. The paper's cartoonist then left to join the Murdoch paper in 1955, and the Advertiser needed a replacement. Having proved that he could work and for cheap, Patrick was appointed political cartoonist in April 1955, and has been one ever since.

As Pat explains “This makes me a Geezer cartoonist, a venerable distinction of dubious worth.”

Pat moved to The U.S. in 1964, to work for the Denver Post. Which proved a worthy venture as he won the Pulitzer in 1967. He stayed at the Post until 1975, then became cartoonist for The Washington Star, in Washington D.C.

The Star went belly up in 1981 and Pat became an independent, working with Universal Press Syndicate, which at the time distributed his work to about 500 newspapers.

Since 1990, there have been numerous exhibitions of his work around the U.S. and two overseas traveling shows of political drawings and sculpture. In 1998 Patrick had an exhibition in the newly-restored Great Hall of the Library of Congress, Their first for a living artist.

Patrick attributes all of his success to the knowledge and organizing skills of his distinguished wife and partner, Susan Corn Conway, who has a long museum background. Pat retired in 2015. He and his wife live in Santa Fe, NM.

I was so honored to be able to make a trip out to Santa Fe to make this portrait of Pat in his home studio for "The Artist within: Book 2".

A funny moment, while we were shooting, and me trying to get Pat to smile, I said "You're looking at little dour, to which he replied "I am dour, dammit", It was a great shoot!

Happy Birthday Pat!

art ©Patrick Oliphant

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Happy Birthday to Editorial Cartoonist Patrick Oliphant, That's today, July 24th! Yep! part 2