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Happy Birthday to Fantasy Illustrator Iris Compiet, April 1st!

Happy April 1st! Let me add my voice in wishing a very Happy Birthday to Fantasy Illustrator Iris Compiet!

That's today!

If the name isn't familiar to you yet, it will be! Iris is an award winning Illustrator from the Netherlands, who (in her own words), wanted to "paint and draw fantastical beings when she grew up". Well she's doing it!

from her website- Iris has "created a world called Faeries of the Faultlines. A glimpse into that world can be seen in a book with the same title. Drawing inspiration from European folklore, mythology, fairytales, ghost stories and anything from tombstones, Victorian photography to popular movies and music".

While I haven't had the chance to photograph Iris in her studio yet, we were able to make this portrait, in our little pop-up studio that we set up at CTN Expo a few years ago.

Make sure to click here to see more of her beautiful work:

Happy Birthday Iris!…