Portrait of Legendary Comic Book Artist John Byrne, photographed  for "The Artist Within: Book 2"

Happy Birthday to Legendary Comic Book Artist/ Illustrator John Byrne, July 6th, That's Today!!!

Good Monday Morning! Hard to believe that we are full on into July! I saw a birthday post this morning from my friend writer/photographer Joel Meadows, and just wanted to add my voice in wishing a Happy Birthday to legendary Comic Book Artist/ Illustrator John Byrne! Yep, July 6th, that's today! If you are into comic books and art, you will know that John has worked continuously in comics since 1975, following his first professional sale in late summer of 1974. Beginning humbly enough, with the likes of Wheelie and The Chopper Bunch and Doomsday +1(for Charlton Comics), and Iron Fist and The Champions for Marvel, he eventually moved on to Marvel's number one cult book, X-Men in 1977. It was his work on X-Men which truly ignited John's star, and from there he moved to Captain America and The Avengers and a five year run on Marvel's flagship title, Fantastic Four..

Seeking new heights to conquer, in 1986 John accepted the daunting assignment of revamping the oldest and most famous of all super-heroes, Superman. Beginning with the hugely successful Man of Steel miniseries, John brought Superman back into the attention of the fans, and that success continues today. In 1990, John decided to venture into the unpredictable waters of creator owned works, launching Next Men in 1991. Following that success he brought out Danger Unlimited, followed by Babe in 1995. Since then, he has written and drawn such titles as Wonder Women, X-Men: The Hidden Years, Lab Rats, Doom Patrol, and Blood of the Demon. In 2005, he returned to Superman performing art duties for Action Comics..

Mr. Byrne has garnered countless awards and honors. He has worked with all the great Comic houses of our time, including Marvel, Darkhorse, and DC.

Perhaps his most famous work is the incredible New X-Men, although thousands of his fans may have their own take on that.-the Artist Within: Book 2

This is the portrait that we made of John in his studio in Connecticut, for The Artist Within: Book 2, Have a look around. Of special note, Johns chair is from an old F-14 fighter jet, how cool is that?

You can see more of John's Amazing work on his Byrne Robotics website here:


and you can see more portraits from book 2 here:


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Hppy Birthday to Legendary Comic Book Artist/Illustrator John Byrne, Part 2!