In studio portrait of Legendary Comic Book Artist/Illustrator Alex Nino

Happy Birthday to legendary Comic Book Artist/Illustrator Alex Nino, That's today, May 1st

Happy May Day everyone! I was just going over all the new posts and am reminded by my friends David Scroggy and Phil Yeh, that today is Comic Book Artist/ Illustrator Alex Nino's Birthday, so I want to add my voice in wishing Alex a Happy Birthday! For those who may not recognize the name, fans of comics certainly will know the work. As Author George Clayton Johnson (Logans Run) wrote. “Alex Niño is a genius.” That is an opinion that has been shared by many."

"Alex Niño, born in The Philippines and dreamed of being a comic artist since he was a small boy. He started out as a medical student at the University of Manilla, but eventually chose art as a profession. In 1965, he created 'Kilabot Ng Persia' ('The Terror of Persia'), and In 1966, Niño came up with his own comic, 'Gruaga - The Fifth Corner of the World', and also the series 'The Eyes that Glow in the Dark'.

Early in 1970s, as part of what has been dubbed the "Filipino Invasion" he contributed to D.C. mystery titles. In 1973 he illustrated 'Captain Fear' for Adventure Comics. He also did several stories of 'Korak, the Son of Tarzan', and until 1978 he was a regular artist for DC's Weird War Tales, and drew for the company's 'Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction'. Starting in 1977, he hit his stride working on Warren's horror magazines, Eerie, Creepy and Vampirella. He was an illustrator for Heavy Metal and Byron Press. During the 1980s, Niño's work appeared in Batman Annual and Space Clusters, as well as publications by New Comics Group and Pacific Comics. In 1994, he returned to the comics field more prominently with a new version of 'Conan the Barbarian', scripted by Roy Thomas. Alex lives in southern California with his family."-The Artist within: book 2

I had the honor of making this portrait of Alex in his garage studio, in Southern California for "The Artist Within Book 2"

As a side note you may know that Alex was considered one of the Fastest Artists working in the field, he could finish the art on a 30 page book in just a few days, pretty impressive.

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art © Alex Nino