Happy Birthday to Writer/ Comic Book Artist/ Illustrator Howard Victor Chaykin, October 7th!

Happy Wednesday! Today, sending Happy Birthday wishes to Comic Book Artist/Illustrator Howard Victor Chaykin, October 7th! Howard is also a Writer, Colorist, Inker, Penciller, Finisher, Layout artist, Cover Colorist, Cover Painter.-wikipedia

"Howard Chaykin was one of the pioneers of the modern graphic novel in the U.S. with the books Empire; The Stars My Destination; and Swords of Heaven, Flowers of Hell. He created the Award Winning and ridiculously influential American Flagg! and Time², as well as deconstructing a number of mainstream characters, most notably The Shadow and Blackhawk. With Power and Glory, he continued a long standing habit of biting the hand that fed him, by creating a comic book that worked simultaneously as a classic superhero story and a nasty satirical take on time honored material." In 1988, Chaykin created perhaps his most controversial title: Black Kiss, a 12-issue series published by Vortex Comics that contained his most explicit depictions of sex and violence, with a story of sex-obsessed vampires in Hollywood. Though Black Kiss shipped sealed in an "adults only" clear plastic bag, its content drew much criticism. This did not stop it from selling well enough for Chaykin to describe it as "probably, on a per-page basis, the most profitable book I've ever done."

"He has served on staff as a writer/producer on the television series The Flash; Viper; Earth: Final Conflict, and Mutant X, rising to the level of show-runner, as well as freelancing in feature films, pilots and episodic television. Most recently, he's been back in comics as a writer and artist on a full time basis with his work on "Hey Kids! Comics".

This portrait of Howard in his Hollywood studio is an outtake from my first book of portraits, he has since moved to the beach, where if this plague ever ends I will track him down for another portrait. Happy Birthday Mr. Chaykin!

art © Howard Victor Chaykin


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Happy Birthday to Writer/ Comic Book Artist/ Illustrator Howard Victor Chaykin, October 7th!-part 2