Cartoonist Dan O'Neill photographed fo "The Artist Within" book 1

Happy Tuesday! Today, wishing a Happy 78th Birthday to Underground Cartoonist Dan O'Neill, April 21st! "

Happy Tuesday! Today, wishing a Happy 78th Birthday to Underground Cartoonist Dan O'Neill, April 21st!

"Having been a nationally syndicated cartoonist, Dan O'Neill is not often cited as one of the leading forefathers of the underground comic book movement, but his innovations in cartooning and his rebellious stance against all corners of corporate America in the 1960s and '70s proved to be significant to the era."-comixjoint

"Born into a military family, Dan O'Neill moved throughout 17 states in fourteen years, having his first taste of public acclaim when he shut down Oakland High School for two weeks after pumping ferrous sulfide through the ventilation system. When Dan wasn't in trouble , he was drawing comics". In 1964, O'Neill sold his daily strip , "Odd Bodkins', to the "San Francisco Chronicle", "and soon had over 50 million readers in over 350 papers around the country, making O'Neill at age 22, one of the youngest syndicated newspaper cartoonists in history". Unfortunately, O'Neill's encrypted political messages and psychedelic humor chased away many of those same newspapers.

in 1971, O'Neill organized the art collective "The Air Pirates" with four cartoonists: Ted Richards, Gary Hallgren, Bobby London and Shary Flenniken.

Using iconic Disney Characters in "not so Disneyesque" situations, "the Air Pirate Funnies" satirized American culture. Their work led to a massive lawsuit filed by the Walt Disney Company, for copyright infringement, a historic fight for "free speech" that went all the way to the Supreme Court. The highly-publicized court case dragged out for nine years, eventually resulting in an injunction against the Air Pirates and a financial judgement that was never collected."

This is my portrait of Dan on his "Porch Studio" in Nevada City, California, where he continues to draw, and is also the director of the "Original 16 to One gold mine.

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