Cartoonist/ Illustrator Al Jaffee photographed for The Artist Within: Book 2

It's March 13th, Sending Happy 100th Birthday Wishes to Cartoonist/ Illustrator Al Jaffe!

It's Saturday, March 13th! So happy to be able to add my voice in wishing a Happy 100th Birthday to the incomparable Al Jaffee!

You may know that "Al Jaffee began writing and drawing professionally in 1940 after graduating from the High School of Music and Art in New York City. It was the tail end of the Great Depression, and comic books offered a chance for young artists to start doing creative work. Jaffee created and produced many comic books for children and teenagers. He worked with the legendary director of Timely Comics ( now Marvel), Stan Lee. Later joining fellow graduates from Music and Art, two magazines were created : Trump and Humbug. In 1957, Jaffee created a comic feature for the herald Tribune Syndicate titled Tall Tales, that had a six year run in print media both domestically and abroad. in 1958, Jaffee began as a script writer for Mad Magazine, and soon the editors decided that he should illustrate his own work; he has been doing so ever since. In 1964, Jaffee noticed the brilliant color foldouts featured in Life and Playboy magazines.In typical Mad fashion, he went in the opposite direction and created the cheap black and white Fold-in. It turned out to be one of the most popular features in the magazine. Jaffe continued producing the Fold-in every month until 2019, making it the longest running Mad Feature in the magazines history. On May 24th 2008, at the annual meeting of The National Cartoonist Society, Jaffee received their top award, The Rueben, as 2007 Cartoonist of the Year. Over his Amazing career he has also received four category awards from the NCS, and was the first recipient of the prestigious Harvey Award, and at the San Diego Comic-Con in the summer of 2008, he was awarded The Inkpot Award for Achievement in Comic Arts."-the artist within: book 2

Happy Birthday Al!!!

art © Al Jaffee

  • Mad Fold-in by Al Jaffee
  • If Kids Designed their own X-mas toys by Al Jaffee
  • Promotional Illustration By Al Jaffee

It's March 13th, Sending Happy 100th Birthday Wishes to Cartoonist/ Illustrator Al Jaffe!-part 2