It's Wednesday, August 25th, sending the best Happy Birthday Wishes to Artist/Illustrator Michael Wm Kaluta

It's Wednesday, August 25th, running late as usual, just wanted to take a moment before the day ends to join in wishing a very Happy Birthday to one of my all time favorite Comic Book Artists and Illustrators Michael Wm. Kaluta! You may know that "Michael was born in Guatemala, and started his career in 1969 drawing for Charlton Comics, following work in the fanzine arena. His style, mixing elements of Mucha, Klimpt, Frank Frazetta, and Roy Krenkel, quickly won him attention, and he soon found work Illustrating book covers as well as comics for DC throughout the 1970's, most notably with his renditions of "The Shadow", and Edgar Rice Burroughs "Carson Of Venus".

In 1976 Michael joined with three other artists to form the "The Studio": Jeffrey Jones, Berni Wrightson, Barry Windsor-Smith, from which one of my favorite art books was produced, also "The Studio".

In 1980, Kaluta Collaborated with Playwright Elane Lee on the off Broadway production "Starstruck", designing costumes and sets. Starstruck would later be turned into a comics serial in Heavy Metal Magazine and a series published in Marvel's Epic Comics. With a career that has stretched from music video and game design to a fine art print publishing and motion picture production, Michael Kaluta continues to be one of the most in demand cover illustrators in comics. In 2003 Michael was awarded the "Spectrum Award for Grand Master", 'nuff said!

I was honored to be able to include this portrait of Michael, photographed in what is arguably one of the most interesting studios, packed full of amazing stuff, for my crazy book project, The Artist Within. did I mention, I absolutely love his work, It is so full of Magic!

If you haven't yet, make sure to check out his website here, you'll be glad you did:


Happy Birthday Michael!

art © Michael Wm Kaluta

Photo © Greg Preston


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  • Michael Kaluta monumental original painting The Shadow Knows .
  • Eowyn At the Gates of Meduseld, by Michael Wm. Kaluta
  • Michael Kaluta: Children of the Twilight

It's Wednesday, August 25th, sending the best Happy Birthday Wishes to Artist/Illustrator Michael Wm Kaluta