Portrait of Jeff Keane with his Family Circus

March 8th, Happy Birthday to Cartoonist Jeff Keane, That's today!

Happy March 8th, and Happy Birthday to Family Circus Cartoonist Jeff Keane, of course that's today!

"Jeff was born in 1958. Two years later, his father Bil Keane started chasing him around begging him to do something funny. So began his career as a cartoon model for “The Family Circus.” -ncs fest

"Jeff, after assisting on the strip since 1981, took over the helm of the "Family Circus" after his dads passing in 2011. He now authors the comic, which appears daily in nearly 1,400 newspapers worldwide, making it the most widely syndicated panel in America today.

This is one of my favorite portraits from "The Artist Within" Project, Take a close look, it's funny!

Happy Birthday Jeff Keane!

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