Automotive Racing Design Legend Peter Brock photographed by Sampsel Preston Photography

Portrait of Automotive Design Legend Peter Brock by Sampsel Preston Photography

A couple of weeks ago Sharon and I had the chance to take our friend, Automotive Design Legend and fellow Art Center Alumni Peter Brock out to our local dry lake to make some portraits. We had actually met Pete and his wife Gayle two years earlier at a meet & greet cocktail party put on by Art Center at The Mandalay Bay in conjunction with the first annual "Las Vegas Concours d’Elegance" car show. As luck would have it, we all ended up riding up in the same elevator, and I have to mention here, that even though I have photographed some pretty major automotive legends, I am not a car guy, and I didn't recognize Peter. I did notice, however, that he was wearing an Art Center lapel pin, which for me was the perfect opening to say hello, and ask "oh, did you go to Art Center? What was your major? Pete smiled and nodded, "Automotive Design", at which point Gayle leaned over and casually mentioned, "He designed the 1963 Corvette"- even I knew that car, as it was the iconic one with the split-back window. Anyway, I remember thinking how cool it would be to take a portrait of Peter, and it only took 2 covid infused years, but we finally put it together. Peter was gracious enough to bring along his beautiful "Superformance Datona Cobra Coupe". Feast your eyes on this machine, a piece design history, and the genius that created it.

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