Cartoonist John Callahan photographed in his studio for the "Artist Within".

Remembering Cartoonist John Callahan on his Birthday Week

Remembering Cartoonist John Callahan (February 5, 1951 – July 24, 2010) on his Birthday week (his birthday was actually yesterday). If his name isn't familiar to you, you should definitely look him up, John was "a cartoonist, artist, and musician in Portland, Oregon, noted for dealing with macabre subjects and physical disabilities. Callahan became a quadriplegic in an auto accident at age 21. Following his accident, he became a cartoonist, drawing by clutching a pen between both hands, having regained partial use of his upper body. His visual artistic style was simple and often rough, although still legible. It has been likened to that of William Steig, James Thurber", Charles Addams and Gahan Wilson.

"Callahan's cartoons dealt with subjects often considered taboo, including disabilities and disease", funny right?. "His black humor may be exemplified by the title of his "quasi-memoir," Will the Real John Callahan Please Stand

Up?" -wikipedia.

I was honored to be able to include a portrait of John in my book "The Artist Within", a genuinely funny guy. Here's the portrait from the book, showing John in his studio.…

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