Remembering Comic Book Artist/Illustrator/ Editor Carmine infantino on his Birthday today, May 24th

Happy Sunday! Remembering Comic Book Artist/ Illustrator/ Editor, Carmine Infantino on his Birthday Today, May 24th. "Carmine Infantino was a legendary comic book artist from both the Golden Age and the Silver Age of Comic Books, and the former editorial director of DC Comics"-lambiek

He is considered by some to be to be one of the best Pencillers in comic book history.-the history guy

"Infantino started in comics in 1941 illustrating for Timely Comics and later worked for DC Comics on such titles as Green Lantern and The Flash. Infantino's best remembered work is the revived and redesigned version of DC's 'The Flash', in a series called Showcase. After recreating the The Flash, he continued to draw the character for the next eleven years, from 1956 to 1967. "This new boost to the superhero genre is generally referred to as the beginning of the Silver Age of Comics." During this period, he also drew the comics 'Adam Strange' and 'Deadman' in Strange Adventures. He was responsible for the revival of the 'Batman' comic with writer John Broome in 1964."

Over his amazing career, Carmine Infantino is credited as creating or co-creating over 50 comic book characters including Animal Man, Bat Lash, The Black Canary's, Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, Cluemaster, Deadman,Detective Chimp, the Elongated Man, The Flash (Barry Allen), Barbara Gordon, Gorilla Grodd, Human Target, T. O. Morrow, The Phantom Stranger, Rose and Thorn, and so many more.

In 1966 Infantino became "Editorial Director of DC comics and changed the way DC operated when he made artists Joe Orlando and Dick Giordano editors. After promoting newcomer Neal Adams to the forefront he also hired a fresh wave of talented artists such as Bernie Wrightson, Mike Kaluta, and Walt Simonson. Perhaps his most notable triumph was landing Jack Kirby and giving him free rein over the Fourth World Saga in which Kirby was writer, penciller, and editor."-dc fandom

I was privileged to be able to meet with and make this portrait of Carmine in his studio, for my first book "The Artist Within"

You can see more portraits form the "Artist Within" project on our website here:

And both books are available from the Sideshow Collectables website here:

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Remembering Comic Book Artist/Illustrator/ Editor Carmine infantino on his Birthday today, May 24th