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Saying good bye to Marvel Comics, original Marvel Girl, Marie Severin and Photographing Las Vegas Golden Knights Breakout star William Karlsson

I woke up this morning thinking about writing this post and I remembered a quote that I want to attribute to Underground Comic book Artist Dan O'Neill, It's been about 40 years since I heard it, but It went something like this:

"You must blow your own horn, because someone must blow it, but if you blow your own horn, don't blow it!"

So here I am trying not to blow it, bear with me.

This last Sunday there was a wonderful remembrance of Comic Book Artist Marie Severin on the Today Show, she passed away August 29th after a stroke. I was honored that they had used my photograph of Marie as part of the reminiscence. Of course you probably knew that she was for years one of the only women working as an Illustrator on staff at Marvel Comics. She was the co-creator of Spider Woman and "she drew stories of the Sub-Mariner and the Hulk, and the covers or interiors of titles including Iron Man, Conan the Barbarian, Kull the Conqueror, The Cat, and Daredevil. Additionally, she worked on Marvel's satiric humor magazine Crazy Magazine, as well as the company's self-lampooning comic book, "Not Brand Echh" . For me I will always remember her warmth and humor, she was just lovely to get to spend time with. RIP, Marie.. Here is a link to the Today Show Segment


William Karlsson for Findley Volvo

What else? This past year Las Vegas had a new NHL Hockey Team come to town: The Las Vegas Golden Knights. The Knights went to the Stanley Cup Finals in their Inaugural Season! The Town is on Fire for these guys, and so proud! Our studio Sampsel Preston Photography had the chance to photograph one of the breakout stars of the team, William Karlsson for an ad for Findlay Volvo the local, Las Vegas Volvo Dealership. We were exited to meet him and have the chance to hear some great stories about the amazing first season of the Knights. Our whole studio thought Karlsson was an absolute sweetheart! After the season Karlsson was awarded the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy for his high standard of play and sportsmanship, and also became the first player since Wayne Gretzky to win an end of the season award in their team's inaugural season. Big shout out and Thank you to Cary @ Star 7 Advertising for awarding us this job~ called, "How Swede it Is", Love it! We are looking forward to and Amazing season 2! Go Knights!