Portrait of Contemporary Illustrator Gary Baseman

September 27th, Happy Birthday to Illustrator Gary Baseman!

Happy Sunday! My pal David Scroggy reminded me that today is contemporary Artist/Illustrator Gary Baseman's Birthday, Yes indeed! You probably know that Gary "is the creator of the Emmy-winning ABC/Disney cartoon series, Teacher's Pet, and the artistic designer of Cranium, a popular award-winning board game. Gary's aesthetic combines iconic pop art images, pre-and post-war vintage motifs, cross-cultural mythology and literary and psychological archetypes. He is noted for his playful, devious and cleverly named creatures, which recur throughout his body of work."

I was so pleased to be able to include this portrait of Gary in "The Artist Within" Book Project,

Happy Birthday Gary!

You can see more of Gary Baseman's Art on his website here:


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September 27th, Happy Birthday to Illustrator Gary Baseman! (part 2)