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Snow in Las Vegas and you meet the most interesting people at the dog park, part 2, Live streaming

It is a beautiful snowy morning here in Las Vegas (words you don't usually hear together in Las Vegas) perfect for staying home and writing a blog post.

We woke up this morning to more snow than I have ever seen in Las Vegas,

Sharon made a video of our backyard for facebook, not something we see every day in the desert, have a look:

For us it has been pretty amazing, I am sure there are people who are sick to death of snow right now, but this is a very uncommon occurrence for us, and for now we are enjoying the snow.

So, if you have been reading our posts, you know that we love making portraits, of artists, clients, friends, acquaintances, strangers who happen into the studio, really anyone can make an interesting subject. Most recently some of our dog park friends, I am constantly Amazed at the interesting people who we have met at the dog park! Just to recap, we have an American Dingo who found and adopted Sharon and I about 4 years ago on the way home from the studio, named Gizmo, I saved him right out of busy traffic, and he has become the best pet ever. And for the past few years we have become regulars at a dog park close to our home here in Vegas, and have made some wonderful friends.

Not too long ago I did a blog post about meeting Arthur Pierce who played Captain America from 1966-1969 on the TV show Marvel Super Heroes, and is a regular at the park. I am still trying to get Arthur to come to studio for a portrait, (Stay tuned.)

Arthur Levy-new.jpg
Arthur Pierce as Captain America.jpg

Recently, I had the idea that it would be cool to start making portraits of some of our other interesting Dog Park Friends as an on going project...Soooo, without further ado, meet Jordan Brandon and Brooke Nichols! Jordan and Brooke are a couple who have an Australian Shepard- Blue Healer mix named Bruno. Brooke is a nurse and Jordan I recently found out, live streams on Twitch? What is this livestream of which you speak, you ask?


I have to admit I had no idea what he was talking about either, but I have since found out that this is a thing, NPR literally just had a segment on "live streaming last week", It is fascinating, Jordan live streams himself playing a specific video game, in this case "Grand Theft Auto" on the internet, and other gamers tune in and watch, and discuss the game, and give thoughts and pass on ideas, Jordan says it's like having his own personal talk show, and he has around 400 + followers who occasionally tune in. Not only is this a thing, but it can become a way to make a terrific living. The idea is the more people who tune in, the more chance an advertiser might sponsor your livestream. It's a "Field of Dreams" thing, to quote the movie "if you build it they will come" and that is exactly what Jordan is building.

and by the way If anyone of my game art friends know of any game developers who would like Jordan to introduce and play their game online, please reach out to him, I know he would love some sponsors.