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Wednesday, March 2nd, Happy Birthday to Illustrator, Fine Artist, and Comix Artist, Robert Williams, Today, March 2nd!

It’s Wednesday, March 2nd, just wanted to join in wishing legendary artist Robert Williams a very Happy Birthday!

"From Tattoo's to custom cars, to comics and oil paintings, Robert Williams has delved into any area available for his talent and done his best to utterly annihilate every standard and taboo in the book. Violence, sex, and the unbelievably bizarre abound. Using a style that closely resembles a car crash simply thrown onto his medium (be it skin, sheet metal, paper or canvas), Williams makes every work a defiant kick to the proverbial face of convention. Williams got his start as a teenager working for Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. But soon tattoo's and custom cars grew stale for Robert and he dove into the underground comix scene, working on such magazines as "Gothic Blimp Works, Felch Comics, Snatch, and he was one of the original group of artists who produced Zap Comix. Since 1970, Williams has been focusing his creativity into the form of surrealistic oil painting, as well as founding and editing Juxtapoz, a contemporary art magazine."-the artist within"

I was honored to be able to include this portrait of Robert photographed in his studio, in my first book of artists portraits "The Artist Within", have a look around, and make sure to check out Roberts web page here:


Photo© Greg Preston


Happy Birthday Robert!

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